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We focus on working closely with our customers to ensure that every project is refined to meet or exceed customer expectations. Choose us, you will get quality products, reliable delivery and competitive prices, let us work together to create a better future!

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    customer drawings 

    If you can provide drawings of the required products, you can contact us directly. We hope your drawings are accurate enough so that we can produce suitable products. Of course, our professional engineers can also optimize and redesign products based on existing drawings.

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    customers to sample

    If you can provide samples, you can contact us directly. We support production according to your samples, you can contact us to confirm the production cycle before sending samples.

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    design parameters 

    If you can provide product specifications, you can contact us directly. We have experienced engineers who can design according to the parameters you provide. We not only produce heat exchangers, but also provide complete heat exchanger solutions. We welcome communication with you.

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    standard part number

    If you can provide the standard part number of the product, you can contact us directly. We are one of the suppliers of large brands and have stable partners all over the world. Whether in the field of air compressors or construction machinery, you can provide the standard part number of the required product, we produce the right product for you.