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Aluminum Bar and Plate Heavy Truck Charge Air Cooler

Construction Machinery

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Aluminum Bar and Plate Heavy Truck Charge Air Cooler

Introducing our cutting-edge heat exchangers for construction machinery, meticulously designed to meet the demanding cooling needs of heavy-duty equipment. Engineered for superior heat dissipation, our heat exchangers ensure optimal performance and durability even in the toughest operating conditions.

Constructed with high-quality materials and utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, our heat exchangers deliver exceptional efficiency and reliability, ultimately reducing downtime and maintenance costs. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, our heat exchangers are tailored to fit various construction machinery models, providing customized cooling solutions to suit your specific requirements.

    Product description

    Trust in our expertise to keep your machinery running cool and efficient, no matter the challenges of the environment. Elevate your construction equipment's performance with our innovative heat exchangers.

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    Product name 

    Aluminum Plate Bar Excavator Oil Cooler


    Aluminum alloy 3003/5A02/6061 

    Fin types

    Plain fin, Offset fin, Perforated fin, Wavy fin, Louvered fin


    Compressor Air Cooler





    Reasons To Choose Our Products

    1. High performance heat dissipation
    Our construction machinery radiators feature industry-leading heat sink technology that greatly increases heat dissipation efficiency and capacity. We use high-quality aluminum alloy materials and optimize the fin design through computational fluid dynamics, which not only greatly speeds up convective heat dissipation, but also increases the overall heat conduction area. Advanced cooling technology provides excellent cooling capacity to keep your machinery at optimal operating temperatures and ensure stable and efficient operation.

    2. Support custom
    We understand that each type of construction machinery has its own characteristics in terms of cooling requirements and operating environment, so we offer fully customizable solutions. Customers can choose the size, shape, capacity and interface of a custom heat sink based on their application, while our team of engineers uses computational fluid dynamics and simulation analysis to design a custom heat sink that perfectly matches your machine.

    3. Quality assurance
    We have also established a sound quality management system, from supplier qualification audit, the whole process Statistical Process Control, to outgoing quality control every link has strict standards. This gives us the confidence to deliver the best quality radiator products in the industry. Using our radiators will provide reliable heat dissipation and trouble-free operation for long periods of time for your mechanical equipment.

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